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The Journal of Management and Finance

About the Journal

he Journal of Management and Finance (ISSN 2084-5189), during the period 2003-2011 titled The Papers and Reports of the Faculty of Management of Gdansk University (ISSN 1732-1565), is a periodical published quarterly. There appear original, so far not published studies having scientific character. Their authors are the workers of the Faculty of Management of the Gdansk University and other scientific units from the whole Poland. The articles of foreign specialists are sometimes published as well. Our journal is edited in Polish language, however it happens that some articles or even the whole numbers are printed in English. In care of the high quality of published texts, they all must obtain positive opinion of two outside independent reviewers.
Depending on the subject matter of the articles, they appear in one of the six following content-related sections:

  1. finance,
  2. business informatics,
  3. marketing,
  4. quantity methods,
  5. accounting,
  6. management.

From practical reasons some numbers of the Journal are thematic, that is they concern one of those sections.

We address The Journal of Management and Finance to people involved in scientif and didacitic work, to managers, specialists and the students of management and economics.

Our Journal is situated in the register of the scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Journal of Management and Finance is indexed by BazEkon, The Central European Journal of Social Science and Humanities (CEJSH), IC Journals Master List and Ulrich's periodicals.